Universal Analytics vs Google Analytics 4: Four Exciting Changes

It’s the same idea with Google Analytics 4. No one likes change, especially when it impacts our precious brands. It’s also a time-consuming change to make, and Universal Analytics works well enough for us not to really crave an upgrade. In fact, there are a lot of exciting changes coming to Google Analytics 4. This quick blog will cover 4 key differences between GA4 and UA, and why they might actually be a good thing.

Universal Analytics vs Google Analytics 4

1. Event-Based Tracking

The Positive:

2. Data Streams

The Positive:

3. Report Customization

The Positive:

4. Reporting Metrics

Bounce Rate vs. Engagement Rate

You can find the engagement metrics under Life Cycle > Acquisition > User Acquisition.

The Positive:

Which one is better: Universal Analytics or Google Analytics 4?

Does Google Analytics 4 Replace Universal Analytics?

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