How To Generate High Quality Leads For Your Business With Google Ads

Lead generation is a crucial part of any service-based business’ customer acquisition strategy (think software, real estate agents, dentists & healthcare). It is unlikely that a customer will buy into a high costing service before they’re better educated on the service. Most customers will need to be sold.

Intent is the most powerful indicator of a High Quality Lead. As the most popular search engine in the world, Google Ads is the best way to capture potential customers with high intent. Let’s start selling.

  1. Long Tail Keywords

If you’re selling a service, chances are, few people know the name of your business. It’s important that your keywords describe what you do.

For example, if you’re sending traffic to your Shopify referral app, it’s best to use keywords like “best shopify referral app” or “affiliate generator app for shopify stores.”

Don’t expect many customers to search for “Social Snowball” right off the bat. You want your keywords to reflect what a potential customer might search for, i.e: the problem you’re solving.

2. Competitor KWs

If a customer is searching for “Skio” and they get served a beautifully written ad that leads to Smartrr (competitor) landing page, they’re not likely to convert. The searcher was looking for Skio. They were not your high intent customer.

However, if your ad copy has a beautifully written out Headline of “Skio vs. [everyone else],” it is safe to assume that people who click on the ad are open to being persuaded, and it’s your job to convince them. Therefore, if your business thrives on the faults of your competitor’s (any SaaS) it could be a good idea to run a competitor campaign. Be careful with using competitor names in headlines, though.

If you’ve determined that you want to test this, make sure you make it obvious in Headline 1, and you send traffic to a Landing Page that compares you and your competitor side-by-side.

Screenshot 2022-11-20 at 16.21.22

Side-By-Side Comparison of Competitors on the Landing Page — Skio

3. Negative KWs

Negative Keywords help focus your search campaign on high-intent clicks, by weeding out irrelevant searches. Upload a general negative keyword list when you create your campaigns (keywords like “jobs” and “cv”), and look through your search terms often.

A clean search term report will be the difference between a low quality click and a clean click.

3. Relevant Headlines

Google’s ultimate priority is that the person searching on the engine is having the best experience they could be. To deliver such an experience, while still making money, Google grades your ads on a curve. This means you could be bidding higher than your competitors, and your ad will still show up below theirs. Quality Score is a big component of Ad Rank, and is measured by Ad Relevance, Expected Click-Through-Rate, and Landing page experience.

Therefore, to rank highly on Google Search, you need to write hyper-relevant ad copy. Your ad copy should be relevant to your ad group, which would contain keywords that are closely related to one another. Not only does ad copy contribute to ad rank, but a searcher will click if they believe your page has the solution to their problem.

Ad Copy Relevant To The Search — Smartrr app.

4. The landing page experience

Not only does your landing page experience also affect your Ad Rank, but is also the key to converting your clicks into high-quality leads.

The features of a good Landing Page:

  • Relevant to your ad (to help Ad Rank)
  • Highlights an offer (Does your app offer a free trial?)
  • Lots of Call To Actions!

You can also weed low-quality leads in this step by adding a few steps to your form. If you’re a Shopify app, require a lead to include their link. However, don’t make your form too complicated. Keep it simple!

That’s a wrap!

I hope you learned a thing or two about generating higher quality leads for your business. If you have any questions, or want to have a chat, you can always reach me on Twitter: @ppcpia or email me directly at

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